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A thousand eyes observe and a thousand hands reach out.
To direct living beings who are confused at the crossroads.
He vows that all sentient beings will leave suffering.
And ascend to the other shore with Maha Prajna.
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Our Mentor » The Teaching of the Venerable Master Xuan Hua

Cause and Effect, Repentance2013-01-10

It is said, "Karmic retribution is not subject to one's control." We are driven by our karma and were born into this world to undergo the corresponding retribution. As we have created varying karma in the past, we now receive varying retribution. This is "being entangled in the net of karma."


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The Cultivation of the Sangha members2013-01-10

The Sangha is attained when four or more who have given up the householder's life live together in harmony and peace, without conflicts or attachments. A single left-home person by himself cannot be called a Sangha.


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Investigating Chan, Reciting the Buddha's Name2013-01-10

Why is it that we cannot recognized our original face? It's because we haven't removed our mark of self and selfishness.
The word "investigate" in "investigating Chan" means to contemplate. Contemplate what? Prajna. This contemplation teaches you to have constant awareness of yourself, instead of others. Contemplate whether you are really present or not.


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Upholding the Precepts, Being Patient in Difficult Circumstances2013-01-10

A cultivator cultivates the mark of no-self. If you are free of the mark of self, you can endure everything. When states manifest, your mind will not be influenced. You will see yourself as empty space.


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To cultivate the Way is to turn yourself around. What does that mean? It means to benefit others, and take a loss yourself. It means to renounce one's self (the small self) in order to accomplish the greater good for all.
Do not harbor animosity even towards the demons; treat them as good and wise advisors who aid you in cultivation.


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When the Master was seventeen years old2013-08-11

seventeen years old, although he had only two and half years of formal education, he had thoroughly mastered the Four Books, the Five Classics, and the lessons of the numerous schools of philosophy.He also learned other worldly dharmas such as medicine, divination, astrology and


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